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Women Issues

As females, we face many challenges specific to us. As girls and women is passionate about providing a safe environment, comforting, judgement free and confidential setting to discuss any issues you may be facing. Hope Anger Management will help you overcome your personal emotions.


Premarital Coaching Therapy

Premarital therapy assures that you and your partner start off understanding each other's exceptions regarding roles. parenting, sex religion, financial and more. Therapy help enhance communication skills and conflict resolution of any ongoing family of origin stressors.


Christian Coaching Therapy

 We are blesses to live by the word and help people others understand the Biblical Truth. We understand experience brings about questions and concerns about spiritual growth through adversity. We are here to help! 


Depression & Anxiety Coaching Therapy

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through treatment, we are able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. 



Anger Management

Has life become a constant struggle? Do you often feel sad, angry or hopeless? Do your mood change drastically depending on the day or time of year. Have emotions or past negative experiences triggered an addiction or compulsive behavior? 

Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems—problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life. And it can make you feel as though you're at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion. (American Psychological Association, 2015). If you feel that your anger is really out of control, if it is having an impact on your relationships and on important parts of your life, you might consider counseling to learn how to handle it better.


Marriage & Couples Coaching Therapy

Are you struggling to connect and communicate with your partner? Is it difficult to talk with your partner about what you want and need? Do you feel like you and your partner often misunderstand each other? Do you and your partner have frequent verbal arguments? What if your relationship issues are triggered by financial situations or jealously.

Marriage therapy can be beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship. Therapy sessions are held with both couples and is a supportive place to discuss issues and solutions to better strengthen your relationship.     


Tutoring Center

Our tutoring center gives your child one-on-one instruction in the following areas than he or she will ever receive in a classroom full of children or a small group: 

The tutoring center are designed for students who are struggling in school or are behind grade level in Reading, Social Studies, Science, Math, English or Writing. Today, math is getting more and more difficult for students of all ages. The tutoring center will increase your child’s learning and problem-solving skills for future success.



Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP)

Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP) is 24-week education programs designed to help abusers take responsibility for their violence.  The programs are designed to help batterers understand that the use of power, control and violence are barriers to a healthy relationship.  Groups discuss non-violent alternatives and the role that power and control plays in their intimate relationship.


Child & Teen Behavior

 Are you worried about your child's well-being? Are you concerned about your child or teen's emotional state or behavior? Has your child been the victim of abuse, trauma or bullying?

Or maybe your child"s rebellious behavior has negatively impacted your family.

Where Do You Draw the Line?

As a parent, how do you know for sure if your child’s behavior has crossed the line and become truly disrespectful? I believe the distinction between mild rebelliousness and disrespect has to be drawn very clearly. Here’s how you determine whether or not your child has gone too far. When he is being rude or complaining that something isn’t fair, ask yourself, “Is my child expressing general frustration about the injustices or challenges of life, or is he being deliberately hurtful, condescending or abusive?”

I look at it this way: when your child rolls his eyes and stomps up the stairs, it’s fairly harmless. It’s very different from saying, “You’re a jerk. You can’t make me. I don’t care what the rules are, I’m not doing it!” Make no mistake, there is a distinction between eye-rolling and your child shouting, “You’re stupid.” I think parents need to really understand this difference at a core level.


Parenting & Life Skills

Every parent wants the best for their love ones. Most parents are not prepared or know how to present their child with the apparatus to become successful. Some need advice on how to help their child avoid the biggest juvenile behavior issues such as substance abuse, misbehavior, dropping out school, pregnancy, communication skills, single parenting, and violence. These issues can have an effect on children for the rest of their lives.


Supervised Visitation

High Supervised -This service allows for 1-2 children to e present, per visitation supervisor. It also places the visitation supervisor physically inside the room with the visiting parent and the child(ren) throughout the visit.

Moderate Supervised- This service allows for 1-3 to be present, per visitation supervisor. The visitation supervisor will supervise from inside the room and/or from a video monitor.

Low Supervised- This service allows for 1-5 children to be present, per visitation supervisor. The visitation supervisor will supervise the visit from the video monitor only, unless directly addressing the parent.

​Off-Site Supervised Visitation- It include the above services. Visits occur at a location that is agreed upon by both parties, as well as the visitation supervisor, and does not violate the court order.



* Clients may be referred by a Judge, Probation Officer or Attorney.  *The offender Education Program is an awareness and prevention    program. * Each session meet once a week for one hour.   

* Interaction among clients plays a vital role in developing awareness    and responsibility for their own actions and   criminal behavior.


Career Issues

Worries and anxieties involving work are common; with many people suffering from creative worries and concerns about job and income security. For many, work and career issues can become unsettling and even disruptive to daily life. Some find their identities in their careers, and any disruptions can cause uneasiness, anxiety, and even fear about the future.

Some of the most common work and career issues include:
* Potential job layoff
* Inability to get a job
* Concern for career direction in relation to life purpose
* Overwhelming stresses on the job
* Dissatisfaction with current job or career
* Unrealistic expectations from supervisors
* Feeling unfulfilled
*Social and ethical complications


Our services described herein are intended to provide individuals and couples with a confidential and supportive process and structure through which they may achieve personal or relationship goals more quickly and with more ease. The sessions is not a substitute for psychological counseling. In no way is it intended to be a means of psychological or medical diagnosis or treatment, nor should it be a substitute for regular or specialized psychological/medical care. Please consult a licensed health professional in your geographic area as needed. When you talk to a prospective therapist, tell her or him that you have problems with anger that you want to work on, and ask about his or her approach to anger management.


With Hope Anger Management, building trust is an essential aspect of our services; therefore, maintaining your privacy is very important to us. Our office complies with all federal and state privacy laws regarding your personal health information. We do not disclose personal information without the written permission of our clients, except for situations in which disclosures are mandated by law or allowed by HIPPA rules.


2% of our paid sessions go towards  Hope Anger Management, Inc. non-profit organization. We provide free services to Barrow County Schools and  The Boys & Girls Club in Winder/Barrow County.